Recent commission for a beach family custom designed and installed in Southern California.

“Newport Pier Sunset”

30×60 Oil on wood

So You Want to Commission a Custom Painting?

Great! I would love to work with you to create an original and custom piece of artwork.  One of my favorite things that art can bring to others is the joy of capturing the feeling of places in nature that hold deep meaning to those who visit them.  I will work with you on a personal level to create a custom painting that will bring you joy wherever you hang it.

Here is How the Process Works:

First thing to decide is your subject matter. I always work from actual landscape reference photos, so having a specific view or place in mind is the best place to start.  Choose a specific photo or compile a few and that’s where we can start.

Next, think about the size piece you would like.  If you know where you would like to hang the painting thats great.  I would be happy to send some ideas of sizes that I think would fit your space using your reference photos.  I will send you a standard size/pricing guide to help you decide what size painting would be best for you.  

Once we land on inspiration images, sizing, and price we can move forward! I will send you an invoice for the commission with the info we have discussed including a projected timeline. I ask for a 50% deposit for the work before I start the painting process. Final payment is due when I deliver the painting and you’re stoked!

It is an exciting process to create one of a kind paintings for collectors. I will ask you a lot of questions to make sure we nail down just the right feeling for your painting and ensure it fits your vision and space perfectly. If I haven’t already been to your place of inspiration, I may make the trek there to experience it for myself! All of my paintings start out as experiences, which is what gives my work life.  Your experience can be the spark for an amazing painting. Let me create it for you!

Email me directly to let me know you’re interested and I can take it from there.

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